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Flesh It Out

Flesh It Out

Masturbation and the Best Invention of the Modern Day


I’ve always been a fan of just about all things sexual. Actually, that’s not really true. I grew up a timid and relatively shy kid, at first embarrassed to say the word “sex”. After a pornographic progression through the department store mailed catalog bra page, 8-bit graphics strip poker, and other intermediary steps (which I will discuss in more detail another time), I was certainly a fan of a wank-o-tronic lifestyle, but not always with much success with the ladies. As I got older, things started to work out for me on the female front, but I never lost the drive to self-satisfy, no matter how great my lady was/is in bed (and she is great).

Masturbation has its pros and cons, like anything else, but it’s unique and fantastic. On this blog, I’ll be talking about my experiences, observations, illuminations, and anything else relevant to those who feel the same way I do. I’ll also be talking a lot about sex toys, in particular, the Fleshlight. While this likely puts me in a seedy commercialized camp that you may be tempted to tune away from, the fact is that toy is what finally had me decide to go forward with this blog, despite wanting to have shared my thoughts for a while now. It’s a fantastic and heavily underrated device, and I plan on proudly encouraging its purchase and happy use.

Anyways, more to come. For now, live and treat yourselves well!